Businesses find it easy to succeed in Middletown due to the growing economy, affordable real estate, skilled workforce, and the available support and incentives. 

Middletown, Ohio is a Key Player in the Midwest Economy

Middletown is located in the heart of Southwest Ohio, an economic engine for the Midwest and the nation. Home to 10 Fortune 500 companies and five Fortune 1000 companies, the communities of Middletown, Cincinnati and Dayton are growing into one, collective "metroplex"-bringing our diverse advantages together geographically and, most importantly, economically.

The Middletown economy is based on a diverse mix of manufacturing and a wide variety of national and multinational corporations; small - and medium-sized enterprises; and service-oriented companies. Companies looking to grow will find ample available land for expansion downtown, in industrial parks and prime interstate locations. Most importantly, Middletown has access to as much or more resources than many larger cities, and at a significantly lower cost of living than other areas of the country.

Businesses are Welcome 

Middletown, Ohio is an ideal place to locate a business of any size. In the heart of the Midwest and part of the Cincinnati-Dayton MSA, Middletown is in a region of 3 million people and in the center of everything. This creates unprecedented opportunities for businesses looking to grow and expand by tapping into Middletown’s skilled workforce and growing economy, especially for those in the biomedical, steel, industrial and airport industries. 

Simultaneously, Middletown has undergone a resurgence as the city’s Creative Class has worked to grow the historic and downtown areas of the community by starting new restaurants, bars, boutiques and small businesses. Middletown has a vibrant art district as well and is host to many events and festivals throughout the year. This has led people from throughout the region to say, ‘Meet Me in the Middle’ - creating a tourism economy in the process.

Expansion & Relocation Opportunities

Middletown, Ohio, is the ideal location for business expansions and relocation opportunities. It's centrally located to customers and suppliers; offers a favorable tax climate; has ample, clean water resources; the regional workforce is skilled and educated; and the state offers many incentives to attract and keep businesses in Ohio. Look around our website and learn how Middletown can help your business succeed and grow.

Become part of Middletown’s Strong Business Ecosystem

The City of Middletown is proud to boast that not only do we have great business partners in Middletown, but they are also routinely active in the community.  Our business community consistently steps forward with volunteer labor, grants for projects, beautification of our parks and multiple other partnership opportunities.  They believe in the community, their ability to partner with the city on multiple projects, and we work together to make Middletown a great place to work, play and live. We invite you to join them and to become part of something special.

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