Incentives And Financing

Middletown Welcomes Business Investment & Expansion

The City of Middletown and its partners offer several different types of incentives to fit the needs of new and expanding businesses in our community. Financial incentives take many forms:

  • tax abatements
  • tax credits
  • grants
  • low-interest loans 
  • workforce development
  • training assistance.

Incentives offered by the City of Middletown are used to encourage new project investment, job creation, job retention, and payroll growth. Complaince and regularitory standards are upheld with all incentive and funding programs provided by the City. 

Companies that are interested in pursuing financial incentives should engage with our Economic Development staff as soon as possible in their project development process to best guage incentives.  Please contact the Middletown Economic Development office at 513-425-7941 or email for additional information. 

The Community Reinvestment Area program provides local real property tax abatements for residents and businesses that invest in designated areas within the community. The designated areas are created and administered

Category: Tax Abatement

The Job Creation Incentive Grant Program is a program offered by the City of Middletown to provide incentives to companies making substantial investments in new employment within the City of

Category: Grants

The Middletown Port Authority was created to meet the unique development needs of Middletown.   Port authorities have the power to create a sales tax exemption programs; directly incentivize specific

Category: (none)

The Middletown Regional Airport is home to one of Ohio’s 320 Opportunity Zone.  The 2.6 mile Middletown Regional Airport Opportunity Zone benefits from this general aviation airport which features the

Category: (none)

The Ohio Enterprise Zone Program is designed to encourage investment in new, expanded or renovated commercial and industrial buildings. The program is administered by the City of Middletown and is

Category: Tax Exemption

PACE financing is a tool that allows property owners to finance the costs of energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements through special assessments on their real property tax bills. Benefits

Category: (none)

The City of Middletown offers small business grants for projects that create both jobs and new investment. City of Middletown Economic Development Revises the Small Business Development Grants

Category: (none)

Tax Increment Financing is an economic development mechanism available to local governments in Ohio to finance public infrastructure improvements and, in certain circumstances, residential rehabilitation. A TIF works by locking

Category: (none)