The Dayton Region specializes in scientific breakthroughs that work their way into the everyday fabric of our world. Every time you board an airplane, start your car, or pop open a can of craft beer, you connect to the Dayton Region’s culture of innovation. We dream big, then we find a way to make that dream come alive. We once built it from wood and fabric; today we build it from advanced composites and carbon fiber. We create a network of fiber and data like no other in the world.


Middletown is a member of the Dayton Development Coalition (DDC)-a partnership of 14 counties surrounding the city of Dayton, Ohio. The Dayton Development Coalition and its regional partners are executing a plan to continue the growth of the Dayton region, focusing on expanding the awareness of our aerospace and defense initiatives; supporting commercialization efforts in leading industries; and continuing business recruitment efforts in concert with each other. The DDC focuses on the following sectors:

  • Aerospace Research and Development
  • Human Sciences and Health Care
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Water Technology

The DDC houses staff reporting to the state of Ohio as part of the JobsOhio program. A special focus is entrepreneurial support.