Middletown, Ohio is known for family-friendly neighborhoods and affordability. Millennials, young families and retirees have discovered the biggest benefit of Middletown housing – prices are affordable here.  In fact, housing in Middletown costs only 52 percent of the national average!  The American Dream of homeownership is alive and well in our community because prices have not skyrocketed like they have elsewhere in the country. Whether a family is looking for a starter home or a retired couple wants to downsize, Middletown has many housing options.

Types of Housing Options Available in Middletown

You simply get more house for the dollar in Middletown since Ohio has some of the best housing value in the United States. In addition, Middletown is unique in housing options for several reasons.

Starter Homes

We have a wide range of starter housing built in the earlier 1900’s that are in great shape and contain the types of crown molding and ornamental woodwork seldom seen in similarly priced housing.

Historic Homes

The City hosts four historic districts (South Main Historic District, Highlands Historic District, Urban Core Historic District, and Oakland Historic District) if your tastes run towards older, more affluent housing choices.

Downtown Housing

Our downtown Master Plan calls for renovated apartments above existing storefronts, newly constructed multi-family housing and student housing in support of Cincinnati State Middletown and Miami University-Middletown. The first of these new units is now under construction. Goetz Tower, a former office building downtown, is being renovated into a 16 unit complex, offering one and two bedroom market rate apartments, including two-story penthouses with spiral staircases between floors. We anticipate that this will be completely rented before construction is complete. This project gives us a comparative property to recruit other developers and funding sources for additional new construction.

Newer Subdivision Housing

Finally, if your tastes are for more modern housing, we have many great options available. East of Interstate 75 and within two miles of the project site is our new Renaissance Subdivision - Renaissance I & II. When completed, it will include 545 upper-end single family homes and 78 patio homes.

Developers are invited to contact us.

There is a strong housing demand in Middletown. Developers interested in learning more about the opportunities to invest in Middletown are invited to contact us.