Logistics company drafts plans for facility expansion near Middletown

8 Feb 2021


A Findlay-based logistics company is drafting plans to expand the Butler County facility it purchased for $6.2 million less than two years ago. This includes new jobs.

Ohio Logistics Ltd., which bills itself as one of the largest logistics firms in the Midwest, plans to expand its 242,000-square-foot facility at 5564 Alan B Shepard St. in Trenton, which is immediately southwest of Middletown.

The project is expected to create 20 new jobs generating $915,000 in annual payroll, or about $45,750 per position. Ohio Logistics will retain 45 existing positions and associated payroll of $2.1 million at the Trenton site.

Ohio Logistics did not return a request for comment, and messages to the city were forwarded to Clouse Construction Corp., which could not be reached. However, documents filed with the state's controlling board indicate Trenton will receive an $80,000 roadwork development grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency to support the project.

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