Butler Tech Expansion: Middletown Regional Airport is Central to the City’s Economic Development

Butler Tech Expansion: Middletown Regional Airport is Central to the City’s Economic Development Main Photo

20 Sep 2022


Middletown Regional Airport (MWO), also known as Hook Field, is a half-billion dollar asset owned and operated by the City of Middletown, Ohio, as a division of the Department of Economic Development. The City utilizes the airport as a vital means of realizing and maximizing its potential for opportunity and innovation. MWO is essential to the economic development of Butler County through transportation, education, workforce solutions, and quality of life.

The Butler Tech expansion featuring a new aviation education hangar further fuels the progress. Middletown Regional Airport currently hosts Butler Tech’s Aviation Exploration pathway, which educates approximately fifty high school juniors and seniors each year in avionics and aviation maintenance. Butler Tech is slated to receive $7 million from Butler County’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to enhance its workforce pipeline to aviation careers through the expansion.

“The City of Middletown works closely with Butler Tech in areas such as Public Safety, Public Works, Public Health, and Aviation Technology to prepare students entering the workforce. We hope through the expansion of the aviation program to increase these opportunities and continue to foster positive partnerships,” stated Acting City Manager Paul Lolli.

The expansion will help address the need for more pilots and develop Middletown’s position as an aviation leader. The aviation industry transports more than 10 million passengers and $18 billion worth of goods daily. However, the number of pilot certifications issued by the Federal Aviation Administration has decreased more than 60 percent since 1980, making this mismatch of supply and demand a tremendous opportunity both for the students of Butler Tech, the City of Middletown, and the entire southwest Ohio workforce.

These workforce solutions complement Middletown Regional Airport's integral role in serving the growing air transportation needs of local businesses and area residents. Located between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, with easy access to Interstate 75, the City of Middletown is a premier location for companies doing business in the U.S. and across the globe. 

Middletown Regional AirportMiddletown Regional Airport, located within an Opportunity Zone, has extensive aviation infrastructure, acreage to develop, taxiways, two runways (one of which is 6,100’x100’), 20,000-gallon Jet-A and Avgas tanks, improved LED runway and taxiway lights, and recent pavement improvement projects. The airport has 13 city-owned buildings consisting of 66 T-Hangar units, two 50′x50′ aircraft hangar units, 39,000 sq. ft. of corporate/community hangar space, a 24,000 sq. ft. maintenance hangar, and an 8,000 sq. ft. terminal building. Space is available for additional hangars. Airport Management Solutions provides fixed-based operator (FBO) services, including full assistance with operational concerns and management of fuel farm activities and courtesy car services.

Middletown Regional Airport also plays a role in the City’s events and entertainment. The airport hosts the Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon Festival, an annual festival in its 19th year, which has grown into one of the area’s largest signature summer events. In the past, the event has drawn up to 50,000 spectators from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and beyond. The Butler County Warbirds, Inc, an educational organization, hosts a not-for-profit museum in the historic "City Hangar" on the eastern corner of the airport. They also provide airplane rides. Skydiving and flying lessons are also available out of MWO.

“Middletown Regional Airport: Central to the Journey”

To learn more about the airport or other opportunities in our area, contact Middletown Economic Development at 513-425-7941or business@cityofmiddletown.org. Find out more about Middletown’s plans for the future and how you can become a part of them!

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