Middletown businesses have abundant access to the clean water and high-performing affordable utilities needed to support business operations.

Abundant Water

Southwest Ohio's Abundant Water Supply

Middletown offers a sustainable source for the world's most important resource-an abundant, clean, fresh water supply. The Great Miami River Buried Valley Aquifer System is one of the most productive sources of potable water in the Midwest. Storing 1.5 trillion gallons of groundwater, this aquifer:

  • Provides 2,000-plus gallons of water per minute routinely achieved
  • Has EPA award-winning source water protection programs
  • Provides a valuable source of geothermal energy as the groundwater maintains a constant 56°F

Aquifer System

Tapping an aquifer system that sustains production of more than 100 billion gallons of water per year, this region excels in the ability to obtain high-quality water and in the quantity needed. The region has a large, replenishing and pure aquifer system that is less vulnerable to water shortages than most of the U.S.


Middletown's location on the Great Miami River makes it a prime location for tapping into this valuable resource. During times when many areas across the nation are struggling with drought conditions, the Middletown area is drought-free and welcomes businesses that use large quantities of water in their daily manufacturing and production operations.

Water & Wastewater Providers

City of Middletown -

The city of Middletown provides water and wastewater services city-wide, except for the areas to the east of I-75, in which Warren County services the wastewater in that area.

Warren County Water & Sewer Department

The Warren County Water & Sewer Department services wastewater to the areas east of I-75 in Middletown, Ohio.

Electric & Gas Providers

Duke Energy -

Duke Energy services all of Middletown's gas and electrical needs.