middletown commute mapRegion Offers Easy Access to a Talented, Diverse Workforce

Great employees are an essential asset for any business, and our region's 3 million employees are among the best. In fact, they are one of the main reasons why businesses move to Middletown. From scientists, marketing professionals and engineers to metal workers and more, our region's workforce is trained and experienced in a number of industries that can give your company a competitive edge. These include advanced energy; advanced manufacturing; biohealth; consumer products and brand development; finance; insurance and information technology; and food processing and agriculture.

Middletown employers can pull from a workforce of 3 million people

Located in one of the nation’s largest MSAs, Middletown employers have the talent they need within a 30-60-minute commute. In fact, Middletown is located on Interstate 75, halfway between two other major metropolitan markets-Cincinnati and Dayton-and nearly 3 million people. This makes it even easier for businesses to recruit the top talent they need to succeed. 

Regional Workforce Snapshot

Southwest Ohio's vast network of colleges, universities and career development centers sustains the region's diversified workforce with more than 100,000 graduates each year within 200 miles.

There are 10-plus local institutions which graduate 1,000-plus students with various technical degrees, including associate, bachelor's and master's degrees. In addition to students graduating from local universities and training programs, Middletown’s workforce includes:

  • 50,000-plus scientists and engineers
  • 95,000 motor vehicle, metalworking and industrial machinery employees
  • 180-000-plus engineers, engine specialists, aircraft structure assemblers and specialists in precision production, craft and repair occupations
  • 35,600 skilled workers in chemical and plastics companies
  • 3,000 chemists, chemical engineers and technicians, and chemical plant and systems operators
  • 105-000-plus physicians, engineers, biomedical and environmental scientists and technicians, agricultural and food scientists, and microbiologists
  • 15,000 business process outsourcing professionals
  • 100,000 Graduates